A simple and comfortable way to support your health.

When we spend a lot of time standing, sitting or when we have some condition in our blood circulatory system, one of the parts of our body that is most affected are our legs. In this sense, we come to suffer pain, tingling and even swelling. An effective and safe way to improve your circulation is resting resting your legs on a lifting pillow, as well as the ones we show you below:

1. Pillow with footrest High density

It has been designed for maximum comfort, its lifting wedges are adjust to the natural curves of the legs. It is made of the best quality memory foam.

It helps you rest your legs, while relieving swelling, reducing edema, achieving alignment of the spine and tailbone, improves blood circulation and supports your muscles and ligaments while you sleep.

2. Lifting pillow with travel bag


This generously wide support is responsible for raising both legs, with comfortable support at break time. Optimally provides 45 degrees of incline, relieving fatigue and pain.

Tea Helps relieve knee discomfort and pressure, hips and lower back. Likewise, it promotes greater blood circulation to relieve swollen, sore and tired feet.

3. Pillow Inflatable for Bed


This pillow provides comfortable support during rest, and its design adapts to the natural curvature of the body. It is made of a high-density, durable material and contains no chemicals.

Ideal to relieve pressure on your legs, pain in the knees and lower back. Thanks to its angle of inclination and height, promotes blood circulation while you sleep.