A classic symbol of money and prosperity.

The pork It is not only one of the signs of the Chinese horoscope, it is also a sacred animal symbolizing good luck, wealth, selflessness, progress and well-being. Surely you had a piggy bank or purse in your childhood, and it is not by chance. This animal has become the amulet favorite to attract the money, riches and prosperity. That is why here we show you the best lucky pig amulets so you always have one with you and fill your life with fortunes.

1. Pig Amulet pocket-size

With a Silver bathThe 3/4 inch long pig figure stands on three legs and comes with a story card.

From pocket size, the pig is perfect to decorate a small space in your home, or to carry in your wallet for luck.

2. Lucky Pig resin

This pig figure is made of resin environmental protection, non-toxic and odor-free. The exquisite sculpture technique makes the little pig look real.

Is a colorful and cute figurePerfect for decorating neutral tone spaces for the joy and fun it conveys. Without a doubt, your environments will not only attract prosperity, but also happiness.

3. Golden piggy bank pig-shaped

With a ceramic construction and a golden bath, the piggy bank has dimensions of 5.5 ″ x 4.5 ″ x 4 ″.

It has a high resistance, since it is anti-slip and anti-scratch. Once full, just remove the bottom stop to allow easy access to the coins inside.