A foolproof way to write down and remember all the tasks of the day.

As people get older it is more common for them to floor forget certain details. It is in our hands to use all the tools at your disposal to remind you of the tasks, chores and responsibilities that you have every day. A magnetic boards It can be very useful to write down everything you need to know, and that’s why here we show you some options to put in the fridge.

1. White board with dry erase

Made from a magnetic material Ultra thin that you can adjust to the measurements you want to better adapt to the size of your fridge. The board includes a marker set, two magnets, and a dry felt eraser.

Its strong magnetic strip can be attached to the fridge or any metal surface Smooth, this way you can write down all the reminders and notes so that the older members of your family can have easy access to all the information.

Weekly planner intelligent

A chalkboard with a calendar-like design that comes with four markers Magnetic, each with its own built-in dry eraser. The magnetic base of the whiteboard can be easily attached and removed from any metal surface.

With this tool you can write down all the tasks and pending of the week so that your relatives can be up to date every day. Its colored markers give you the ability to customize your annotations to make them easier to understand.

3. Magnetic sheet with marker set

It is a magnetic board thin that can be stuck in the fridge or on any surface that is smooth. The sheet is bright white and has 5 markers plus a magnetic eraser made of felt fabric.

A spacious accessory that gives you the possibility to comfortably write down everything that you need, no matter how big your lyrics are. A very practical and comfortable tool that allows you to structure your day-to-day life more efficiently.

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