Calendula is a plant with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing powers. Calendula ointment works to heal burns, muscle aches, sprains, wounds and is ideal for use on babies to treat diaper rashes. We give you 3 natural calendula products that you must have at home to heal pain and wounds at home.

1. MJ’s Herbals: heals the sunburns of children and adults

If you had a burn from the iron or curling iron, a frying pan or from any heat product, you should apply calendula immediately, it will help to heal the affected area quickly. If you have any scars that you want to remove, calendula ointment takes care of regenerate the skin, this ointment has vitamin E and beeswax, which will give it softness and protection.

It can also work as a cream for Sun burns and serves to calm skin irritations and even help athlete’s skin. Apply as many times as necessary a day to feel relief.

2. . Legend’s Creek: soothes irritations and scratches on the skin

Calendula cream can heal any muscle pain, sprain, scratches and even insect bites. You should only apply a layer of calendula ointment and do not cover it until it is absorbed. You do not need to place as much product because thanks to its solid consistency, with a little you can cover a large wound.

Calendula helps soothe irritated skin either due to a reaction or acne. This ointment has a delicious aroma, without a doubt a product in which you should invest. During your menstrual period, place a little on the abdomen to calm colic.

3. Cavin Schon: helps skin with dermatitis and eczema

This calendula oil is 100 pure, it helps to heal pain, burns, skin irritations and even helps in case of psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. How to heal a wound with calendula? It only applies in the affected area, repeat night and day. Calendula can hydrate a lot, your skin if you require deep and instant hydration due to weather, stress, age or hormonal imbalance.

Calendula oil can have a somewhat strong aroma, so if it bothers you apply less product. Remember you can be applied to babies, to calm the irritation of their buttocks.