The way to make road trips a pleasant experience.

Drive for long hours not only does our mind, arms and feet tire; It also causes muscle discomfort from staying in the same position for a long time. One solution to this is to make scheduled stops from time to time and do some stretching exercises. Now, if along your route there are few places to stop, you are in a hurry or you drive at night, you should have a massage machine Special for car seats, like the ones shown below:

1. Seat with therapeutic thermal pads

The seat produces vibrations through 6 motors that massage your back, neck and glutes providing relief for muscle pain, tension and stress. Made of soft polyurethane foam that provides great relief of pressure.

It will allow you to personalize your massages since you can choose which affected area to be treated. You can also enjoy a therapy of soft heat that in addition to relieving your pain will keep you warm during the coldest nights.

2. Massage cushion with rollers

A device with 8 powerful nodes for Shiatsu massage that provide relief to stress, fatigue, lack of sleep and muscle pain, thus improving your mood. Its ergonomic design allows it to perfectly fit the shape of your neck and shoulders.

Its design allows it to also adapt to the lower part of your back, waist, calves, feet, legs and arms, thus providing general relief. On the other hand, its massage system gives you the option of enjoying a heat therapy safe and at a bearable temperature.

3. Device with adjustable air compress

This seat is equipped with a rolling system, controlled vibration and enough heat for a comfortable massage that will calm muscles and relieve tension thanks to their movements smooth and precise.

You can choose between 3 options Massage that covers the entire upper and lower back to give complete relief. On the other hand, the design of this massager will allow you to enjoy the massage not only in the comfort of your home, but also in your car and office.