Learn about the benefits of matcha tea.

Matcha tea is a green tea, which is finely ground. The benefits of matcha tea is that it prevents fluid retention, inflammation and increases your immune system and prevents colds, it can lower blood sugar levels and is a powerful antioxidant. There are several ways to consume matcha, mainly by dissolving with water and milk. It may taste slightly bitter to some people, but you can add honey or sugar of your choice.

1. Starter Matcha: a natural diuretic that helps prevent fluid retention

The way to absorb all the properties of matcha is by consuming with water and a little milk. Consuming it in the morning helps you to avoid inflammation of the foods you eat in the following hours. And it is an excellent natural diuretic, you will notice that fluid retention with a cup It will decrease and you will go to the bathroom more.

The matcha tea contains caffeine, so it is important that you stop consuming it after 3 in the afternoon. You can combine this type of matcha with smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt and more.

2. Four Sigmatic: avoid excessive inflammation when you are on your period

If you want to raise your defenses, prevent allergies and have incredible skin. This matcha tea contains ginger, astragalus and lion’s mane which together act as a powerful antioxidant and will prevent you from having respiratory illnesses. Also, although it contains caffeine, it is not like coffee. Matcha tea It will not make you feel anxious or nervous.

For women this is an excellent option when they have premenstrual symptoms because prevents excessive inflammation, it gives you energy and can relax your muscles.

3. Kirkland: take care of the health of your kidneys and liver

And for those who love practicality this has green tea and matcha in a tea bag. It has a slight not-so-bitter taste, but can be a bit strong. It is excellent to consume after taking an antibiotic or after a dry can eliminate what your body does not need. It is ideal for the care of the kidneys and liver, since a natural diuretic. Matcha tea can be consumed hot or cold.

A tea that will help improve your health and is healthier than coffee. Remember not to abuse your consumption. Consuming 2 cups a day, It would be the ideal not to catch fire, nor to retain liquids.