Relieve menopausal symptoms with plants.

There are several alternatives to control certain symptoms of menopause, but if you are looking for a more natural and zero abrasive option, we give you 3 alternatives. These 3 medicinal plants that are valerian, evening primrose, sage that help calm hot flashes, night sweats, improve mood and will make you sleep for longer hours.

1. Valerian is a medicinal plant that will help you sleep and control irritability in menopause.

Valerian is a plant that will help you a lot to cope with menopause. What this medicinal plant does is that it will help you sleep and relax, as it works to relieve insomnia. It can prevent you from being in a bad mood and present anxiety symptoms. Valerian can be found in pills, tea or powder.

Any presentation can help you. If you opt for a tea, drink it an hour before sleep And always try to sleep with clothes made of cotton or linen so that your skin can perspire without bothering you.

2. Evening primrose is the medicinal plant that helps fight hot flashes, prevents you from retaining liquids and delays aging

Evening primrose is a plant that can combat menopausal hot flashes. It is very common to find evening primrose oil pills, because it can balance hormones so you do not feel those overwhelming hot flashes. Evening primrose oil can improve skin texture, in case you are experiencing a lot of dryness.

Naps retaining a lot of fluids It can help you, in addition to improving the circulatory, nervous and immune systems. Evening primrose oil will help you feel better are hot flashes.

3. Sage a medicinal plant relieves hot flashes and can control menopausal night sweats

Hot flashes and night sweats can make you wake up and fall asleep again, it can be complicated. What sage does is that works like estrogens to control hot flashes and night sweats. Although you will not notice changes overnight, in a span of weeks you will see changes at night.

This presentation comes in tea so you can drink it either in the morning or at night, it does not have caffeine.