Give hydration to your body with body oils.

If your skin is very prone to irritations, dryness due to changes in temperature, hormonal changes or because you do not give it adequate hydration, body oils are an excellent option without feeling sticky or heavy skin. These ideal moisturizing body oils for men and women, of any age. These body oils are rich in vitamins and minerals.

1. Bio-Oil: set of natural oils that regenerate and care for the skin

If you have very dry skin and it even looks cracked, you need powerful oils to improve moisture, itching and dryness. This oil has rosemary, calendula, vitamins E and A, lavender, chamomile and purcellin. It will help improve skin texture, regenerate it and take care of it if you have a wound or scar. Contains oils that are natural antiseptics.

It is an excellent moisturizer and gradually removes scars from burns, falls, accidents and more. An ideal body oil for hormonal changes in women.

2. Weleda: pomegranate body oil that regenerates cells giving elasticity and prevents dryness

This is a pomegranate body oil, which is responsible for improving elasticity, giving firmness and taking care that it has moisture to prevent extreme dryness. If you are looking for an oil that takes care of your skin’s health and helps prevent aging, pomegranate oil is an excellent option.

A body oil to avoid oxidative stress affects the condition of your skin and you can get natural cell regeneration. A body oil for skin seeking double protection.

3. Palmer’s: argan oil and cocoa butter to repair, heal and soften the skin

If you have irritation after waxing, have acne scars or cuts or notice very dry skin, it is time to use oils that areand they are responsible for rejuvenating, healing, softening, hydrating and repairing. This body oil has mainly cocoa butter and argan oil. Apply after showering for better absorption and you will notice your skin instantly hydrated.

Place a small amount and go applying. Spread very well throughout the body so as not to feel heavy. Apply it on feet for softness and hydration.