If you are looking to attract good luck to your home, one of the most recommended options in matters of spirituality is to have a Money Tree amulet. They are delicate and colorful figures that help you activate the flow of fortune energies in your home or office, and thus enhance the prosperity in your life. This time we show you striking, compact and highly efficient designs that will attract money and fortunes to your life:

1. Money Tree with jade crystals


Handmade tree amulet from precious stones natural. This Money Tree has a height of approximately 5 ″ and a weight of 400 grams. In turn, it has a copper cable as a support.

What stands out most about this beautiful amulet It is its tree shape made with natural jade crystals. You can place this ornament for good fortune in any space of your home.

2. Money Tree Amulet bonsai type

Tree shaped amulet for good fortune. Made with resin and natural stones. It is 7 ″ high when all the sheets are extended and the width diameter is approximately 6.3 ″.

This amulet is known as the Money Tree, which will be responsible for attracting the fortune to your home. You can locate this ornament in any bedroom or living room of your house.

3. Money Tree Bonsai Multicolor


Amulet bonsai small to attract fortune and wealth to your life. Made of resin and natural quartz crystal. It has a height of 7 “and width of 6.3”.

What stands out most about this amulet is its beautiful design of leaves made with quartz natural of different colors. Compact in size, you can locate this amulet in your living room.