3 different treatments for nail fungus.

Nail fungus can be caused by excess moisture on the skin, contagion in public places, among other things. You should know that it is important to act as soon as possible in order to eliminate the fungus. It does not matter if they are fungus on the nails of the feet or on the hands, these are enamels that will be very easy to apply and remember every day. So start today and anticipate contagion to other nails, as this often happens many times.

Puriderma: with natural ingredients that stop the nail fungus and restore it

This is a nail polish for foot and hand fungus. What it does is it restores the nail, stops the fungus to prevent your nail from getting more damage or spreading to other nails. It has ingredients like propolis and castor oil. For what your nail is strong for this treatment and not weaker.

To use it you must have your nails soaked in warm water, to clean and file. Then you put a few drops on the nail fungus and let it dry. Apply at least 3 times up to date. You can apply it on the nails, which are next to the fungus to prevent damage.

Gold Mountain Beauty: removes nail fungus at the root and eliminates yellow

This enamel to eliminate fungus on your nails, is formulated with essential oils, omegas and tolnaftate so that you can eliminate the fungus from the roots and prevent the nail from turning yellow. What you should do is apply as a nail polish and let your foot breathe and avoid putting on socks when possible.

It can be used by children, adults and even people with diabetes. If the kids go to showers or swim lessons, they will can put as prevention. Always remember to wear sandals in showers and public toilets.

3. Amada Pure: Nail fungus treatment that eliminates and prevents contagion

If you already have the fungus or see it start to appear, act immediately to prevent it from spreading. An advantage of a nail fungus polish is that it is easy to apply and apply at any time. You must put on the entire nail and choose to place them next to the mushroom.

The process can take 3 to 6 weeks, as it depends on how advanced the fungus is. It may be removed, but it will take a few weeks. It is best to apply and let the foot breathe, to avoid producing more moisture and your foot and toenail can breathe.