A supplement to relieve climacteric naturally.

It is normal that sometimes you do not want to opt for a supplement or medicine for menopause, since the side effects can be intense. There are natural supplements with extracts From fruits, vegetables, seeds and more, these are very gentle on the stomach and have no side effects. You will improve your mood, it will help you not feel hot or overwhelmed, sweats can be controlled.

1. Broccoli supplement that increases libido and helps lose weight

This supplement has pure extract of broccoli, black pepper, and DIM that helps keep estrogen levels balanced. It helps you lose weight without so many complications, reduces sweats, hot flashes, hot flashes and gives you more energy. It also increases libido. A supplement so you don’t suffer during climacteric.

This product will serve you for 4 months. The DIM can also be consumed by men. This natural supplement has more than 200 sales with 4.4 stars.

2. Plant and herb supplements that prevent vaginal dryness and irritation

This natural supplement has plants and herbs that help you relax and that you do not have as much stress, relieves irritability, lack of sleep, tiredness, cares for your nervous system and prevents vaginal dryness. It is a very natural supplement so there is no contradiction.

It has 120 capsules, If you have an irritable stomach, you should consume them after eating. Do not forget to hydrate yourself as it will help you take care that your skin does not dry out. You should always have a constant intake of supplements to see more results.

3. Helps emotional changes and physical discomfort

These capsules are made from tree berries, which is a support for mood, physical and emotional discomfort, as it helps give you balance your hormones. It is a very natural supplement that if you have a daughter it will help you not have so painful premenstrual symptoms.

It is recommended to consume 2 capsules a day, for greater results. The price for this supplement is for 2 cans, they are 120 capsules.