Repair your hair at night.

Just as skin regenerates at night, so does your hair. Applying a night mask causes your hair can regenerate with active ingredients and little by little you can recover from damage and free radicals. If you notice that your hair needs more nutrients and it is very weak, a night mask can revive it. Choose your favorite and start with healthy hair.

1. Alternate: ideal if you have deep damage to your hair

This night mask is made so that its proteins and vitamins hydrate, hair and can repair damage from the roots. In a few uses you will notice how you have silkier, shiny and stronger hair. It can also increase the thickness of your hair, it can be applied to any type of hair, regardless of whether it is colored.

It is recommended to use 2 to 3 times per week for greater and faster results. Do not worry absorbs very quickly you don’t need to protect your pillow with a towel. It has 4.2 stars.

2. Aveeno: oatmeal mask with almond milk

If your hair suffers from very dry, damage and it is very dry, this is a night mask that is responsible for hydrating, smoothing and providing nutrients for hair to renew itself. You should only apply to all your dry hair and leave it to act overnight.

In the morning you should rinse and comb as usual. Many buyers feel its aroma very strong despite its light ingredients. If you are very sensitive to odor, this is not the mask for you.

3. Living proof: repairman from the first start

An excellent night treatment for hair, this mask that is responsible for sealing the cuticles, repairs from the root, protects hair from free radicals, softens and makes hair more manageable. From the first application you will love how your hair leaves. If you have been mistreated by the constant use of heat and dyes, this mask should be tried.

This night mask is characterized by leaving you amazing hair for up to 5 washes. It is perfect if you have to go to a special event, have a romantic date or just want to heal and repair your hair. It has 4.2 stars.