If you are thinking of doing a keratin treatment, you should know that you have to take different care to make it last longer, your hair has nutrients and it is clean depth without damaging the treatment. You should look for shampoos without salt for keratin, which are those that do not mistreat or remove the effect of keratin. We recommend these shampoos without salt which means without sodium and without sulfates.

1. Damila: with natural ingredients to care for hair with keratin and dyed

This shampoo without salt for hair with keratin, does not eliminate your treatment and in fact helps it to last longer. Contains natural and botanical extracts to care for your hair, it gives it softness, shine and prevents it from breaking. It is a combo of products, since it has a shampoo without salt and a conditioner, which you must use together so that it can protect the hair.

This shampoo without salt can be used if it is tinted and you have keratin, as it does not wash the hair. It is a shampoo for keratin without salt the best, with 4.2 stars. Remember not to place excess product with very little, you can wash your scalp.

2. Vitamins Hair Cosmetics: controls frizz, gives volume and cares for hair

Why use a sulfate-free shampoo for keratin? There are shampoos that can be very abrasive and can end or shorten the duration of your keratin treatment. This salt-free shampoo: cleans, hydrates and gives volume to your hair. This shampoo cares for the pH of the scalp, hydrates deeply, and also contains argan oil to prevent damage from the roots to the ends.

Another benefit of this salt-free shampoo for keratin is that you can control the frizz. We recommend that while you have keratin in your hair, do not alternate the use of any other shampoo, as this can affect its duration.

3. KERATIN RESEARCH: hydrates and can prolong the duration

To brighten, nourish, prevent split ends and smooth, this salt-free keratin shampoo has amino acids and argan oil to nourish and prolong the duration of your treatment. It is ideal for any type of hair, no matter if it is oily, dry or normal, even if it is colored. It has a conditioner to give it strength and is smooth and soft with each wash.

This brand comes in various sizes, so if you have long hair, perhaps the 33 ounce one will be a better option. There are some size options of shampoo without salt to take care of your hair.