An ingenious tool for those who are physically limited.

There are people who suffer from diseases that can reach limit your mobility, These are conditions that seriously affect motor skills and with this the ability to move without external help. This can make any day-to-day task much more complex. However, there are tools that can be very useful in your daily life. This time we show you some options in shoe socks that they will be of great help when dressing.

1. Shoehorn of extractor socks


A perfect option to help with socks. It has been designed with contours of plastic latex-free, which have a shape that makes it easier to slide your foot and heel up easily.

Its comfortable grip is given by each handle built with a padding of foam 3 cm that provides a secure and comfortable grip. The wide, non-slip handle prevents the sock from slipping.

2. Assistant for socks


This piece is built with foam handles and a flexible plastic shell. It also has a non-slip pad and laces that can be adjusted according to the length of the leg.

The size and design of these shoes allow you to take them with you anywhere you need them, as well as store them comfortably in your closet to always have them at hand.

3. Set of accessories to put socks


This sock shoehorn set is made up of five pieces consisting of a gripper Long reach built with lightweight aluminum and an ergonomic handle that provides a comfortable grip.

The kit is also equipped with a magnetic tip Ideal for picking up small items, as well as a pole that is very useful for placing bandages. These accessories are very useful to help you with other clothes besides socks.