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Take the time to wash the hair and combing it with a dryer and iron takes a long time; and more for the type of hair that we Latinas have, which often takes long hours to comb. For this reason, there are specialized perfumes, also called hair mist; so you have hair that smells rich at all times.

Here we leave you 3 options perfumes that will remove bad odors from your hair in a two by three in case you don’t have time to wash it.

1. Perfume Goldwell Kerasilk:


Perfume spray with aromas of grapefruit, melon and lemon sap. All this to give a delicate aroma to your mane at any time of the day.

This perfume is for those who want a light scent on the hair and not a strong fragrance. Furthermore, it is 100% authentic and recommended by users.

2. Pedison Beaute – Blooming:

This perfume Contains Ecocert certified organic argan oil and 14 natural oils. It also includes canine rose oil that is very healthy for your hair.

This product made in Korea, apart from leaving a orDelicate long-lasting lor, allows to condition and repair damaged hair. Plus, it absorbs fast, doesn’t leave hair greasy and leaves it radiant and silky.

3. Fekkai – Vanilla cream:

Designed by the founder of the Frédéric Fekkai brand through Principle 5F: shape, feeling, function, fragrance and finish. An exclusive fragrance of French origin for every

This product enhances hair with shine and gives it an attractive floral scent. It also helps prevent static and effectively fights frizz. In addition, it leaves you with a pleasant vanilla aroma.