She has very sensual lips.

Looking to plump lips? There are lip plumpers that are lipstick but almost gloss that gives it volume and gives an appearance that you have fuller lips. The best thing is that they do not have such a cost price, they are accessible. So wear beautiful lips at the next party, dinner or date.

1. Buxom: pink color that gives volume and shine to the lips

This lip plumper has a pink color, although by itself it will give you a great volume. The trick is to give it more color and definition. Before applying this lip plumper, paint your lips and outline them to finally give it a splendid volume.

Do not oversaturate, because the lips of may be a little sticky and you can feel them even dry. Start small and go adding as necessary.

2. SCOBUTY: colorless lip plumper to match your favorite lipstick

This lipstick that gives volume to the lips and has no color, so you can combine it with your favorite lipstick or even use it alone, to give it a very natural touch. This lip plumper helps hydrate your lips thanks to its moisturizers in oil. If you have dry lips it will help you feel hydrated and soft.

For give you more hydration Put a little lip balm on your lips, then a little lipstick and finally put this lip plumper.

3.M3 Naturals: lip plumper with collagen

This collagen lip plumper has natural oils like mint and almond that will help hydrate, soften and give volume every time you use it. Collagen on the lips helps to diminish the fine wrinkles around the lips and to improve the skin texture of the lips.

This lipstick has no color, so you can combine it with the lipstick you prefer. It is an ideal lip plumper to be used in cold weather or even in extreme heat, which can dry out much more. It’s the lip plumper Amazon best seller, also it has 4.8 stars.