He sports white teeth with fresh breath.

Solid toothpastes are no longer the only option for teeth whitening, there are powdered and lozenge toothpastes. All work perfectly the only thing that changes is that their shape. An advantage of powdered toothpastes is that it is ideal for tooth sensitivity, it is slightly softer, but it cleans thoroughly to remove stains from coffee, wine or teas.

1. Primal Life Organics: strengthens and is ideal for the most sensitive teeth

This powdered toothpaste will help whiten teeth, strengthens them and leaves a feeling of freshness and cleaning. It contains natural ingredients, one of them activated carbon to eliminate stains from coffee, cigarettes or tea. It is important that you use it for a long period so that you see improvements.

To use this powdered toothpaste, you must wet your brush and then dip it in the powder and brush. In this type of toothpaste no foam is produced.

2. Frau Fowler: suitable for the most sensitive teeth and prevents bacteria

Calcium, boron, tea tree, cloves, and cinnamon are some of the ingredients in this tooth whitening toothpaste. This toothpaste powder will help to eliminate stains and bacteria they can harm dental health. It also helps to clean without being abrasive, as it is ideal for dental sensitivity.

Powdered toothpaste lasts longer and is easy to take anywhere. It is ideal for use by older adults and even children. This brand offers different flavors from citrus to mint type.

3. One Living Earth: prevents bacteria and removes deep stains

The main ingredients of toothpaste powder are activated coconut charcoal, bentonite clay and baking soda. These ingredients help whiten, remove stains, improve gum health, are an antifungal and antibacterial. Prevents bacteria from forming that causes odor.

This powdered toothpaste is perfect for eliminate bad smell and it is ideal for sensitive teeth. Remember that powdered toothpaste does not foam, but it does clean teeth.