Healthy Scalp = Beautiful Hair!

If you are interested in having abundant, healthy and beautiful hair, then you have to pay attention to your scalp first. The health of your scalp is as important as any other area of ​​your health. By paying attention and the necessary care to your scalp, you could prevent various types of diseases that can affect you, such as dandruff, psoriasis or some types of fungus.

A healthy scalp comes from both inside and outside. Therefore, maintaining a healthy diet that is well balanced and includes foods from all groups is essential. As for external care, using a suitable shampoo, lathering and massaging the scalp with your fingertips are some of the tips that should become a habit.

1. coconut oil Majestic Pure:

East coconut oil Fractionated is processed in a way that removes all fatty acids from your long-chain hair and skin, leaving only healthy medium-chain fatty acids. This liquid form of coconut oil has a high concentration of Capric Acid and Caprylic Acid, giving it an incredible amount of antioxidant and disinfecting properties.

It is an excellent moisturizer and is known to help alleviate skin rashes and irritations. It is also known to help fight acne. Fractionated coconut oil helps heal and soothe the scalp. It has a longer shelf life, is more stable, and is generally used less compared to other types of coconut oil. Is he Top 2 best sellers on Amazon.

2. Yis To Naturals – Tea tree shampoo and sage oil for scalp relief:

East tea tree sage shampoo It is to calm dry and itchy scalp. Massage a generous amount of shampoo into wet hair and rinse. You’ll feel little chills of fun and relief when you wash your scalp and hair.

Sweet potato extract and kukui seed oil provide added moisture and softness while allowing the scalp to cool. Clinically proven to calm dry, itchy scalp in 8 days.

Some tips to take care of your scalp and have a healthy mane:

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Cut the ends at least every 3 months
  • Use natural masks weekly
  • Apply massages while you wash your hair
  • Get a deep clean on your hair at least once a week

3. Natural Tea Tree – Hair conditioner with natural tea tree oil

For scalp dandruff and dry hair. It has pure, sulfate-free essential oils for daily use on sensitive and colored hair. This conditioner offers keratin hair care and can be used by both women and men on any hair type.

This tea tree oil conditioner Refreshing anti-dandruff is specially formulated to calm dandruff conditions that cause scalp dryness, itching, peeling and redness. Therapeutic oils not only soothe the scalp but revitalize hair follicles for thicker strands. The nutrient-rich formula covers each strand of hair with nourishing, protective moisture that softens, strengthens, adds body and shine to all hair types. This smooth formula is silicone-free, and is safe for straight, curly, natural and colored hair.