Acne always comes unexpectedly and the worst thing is that it appears on the face. That is why we bring you 3 products that help fight acne and can dry it in just one day. That acne will be dried, either by hormonal acne or by the consumption of saturated fats or by the inappropriate use of products that are causing greater production of sebum.

1. Patches that dry acne regardless of size

These are patches that have hydrocolloid, they serve to retain the exact moisture on your skin so acne can dry out. They are patches of different sizes according to the acne or pimple you have. These patches you must use until dry, you will notice how it begins to detach from your skin. Protecting acne with this patch helps it not become infected or spread to other places on your face.

These patches are very famous in the Korean beauty routine and won awards in the beauty industry. These acne patches are for external use and can be used by sensitive skin.

2. Solution with salicylic acid that eliminates acne and even black spots

Salicylic acid is an element that you must have if you suffer from hormonal acne or from consuming saturated fats. This is a high quality ethylene glycol and propylene glycol chemical scrub, an effective choice for erase those pimples. What you should do is with a stick apply a little product on the affected area and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes, you will feel it itches or burns, but it is like the component acts on the skin, cleanses and then applies a facial moisturizer.

An easy acne removal solution. It should only be applied in the affected area and always apply apply sunscreen after use. Salicylic acid, retinol and other components can produce small sun spots.

3. Tea tree essential oil solution that kills bacteria and removes acne

This acne treatment will fascinate you how effective it is. Its main asset is the tea tree essential oil that serves to kill bacteria and infection that your face has and balance the production of fat. You just have to apply a little product and that’s it. It can be applied under the makeup.

This product is for use when those horrible pimples appear. Remember that it is very important to have a daily facial cleaning to avoid major outbreaks acne. This acne treatment will help you a lot.