Take care of your skin and make it smooth.

Sunburn can occur at any time, even when the sun’s rays are not so direct, your skin may feel irritated, some symptoms is that it is very red, it burns and sometimes it hurts. We give you 3 products so you can relieve burns solar in a short time and at the same time take care of your skin.

1. Green Leaf Naturals: relieves sunburn and skin irritations

If you have a sunburn, this gel helps to calm the skin, even if you have any irritation, insect bite, scratch or want to leave smooth skin after shaving. The Aloe Vera properties They are perfect to relieve rashes, rashes and even dry acne.

Just apply a little product and let it act for a few seconds. You can use it as a daily moisturizer if it is very dry, you don’t need much product for your skin to recover.

2. Tristan Jade Apothecary: 2 active and natural ingredients that care for and soothe burned skin

This burn ointment has arnica and aloe vera, which are perfect to relieve any type of burn, swelling, bruises, cuts. The properties in arnica and aloe vera set They make your skin recover easily and without causing any irritation. The feel of this ointment is not at all sticky or heavy.

It can be used on young children and older adults, as it is a very natural product and is not abrasive. Have 67% satisfaction by its buyers.

3. Seven Minerals: cares for very dry skin and nourishes it, relieving it in a few days

If you have a slight burn, irritation from any product or you have extremely dry skin, aloe vera is a ingredients you need. You should only apply daily to the affected skin and that’s it. It is a gel so it is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy feeling.

It has more than 3000 sales and is one of the most popular products to relieve burns and irritations. After a few days you will notice improvements in the skin, remember that it is only for external use.