Sleep without a stuffy nose.

Sinusitis, allergies, a cold and humidity can be factors in keeping your nose stuffed and not being able to sleep well at night. There are products that serve to unclog the nose to sleep without causing side effects. These are just some that will help you, they are perfect to have them in the emergency kit and you have nights off regardless of if you have a cold.

1. Arm & Hammer: natural ingredients to relieve irritation dryness and unclog nose fast

This nose decongesting product helps alleviate the dryness and irritation you feel in your nostrils. It is a spray that contains ingredients such as water, salt and baking soda that serves to decongest the nose quickly. It is suitable if you have an allergy or itching and itching, and even irritation will help to calm these symptoms. It can be used for several continuous days.

This spray does not affect the application of other medications, as they do not affect its effectiveness. It is a product to decongest the nose and you can sleep peacefully for hours.

2. Wild Thera: balm with essential oils that act as a vaporizer

If you are one of those who do not like to put products on their nose this is an excellent option. It is a balm that has essential oils and natural ingredients to decongest the nose quickly. Contains ginger, eucalyptus, mint, honeycomb, menthol, among others. What you should do is place a little bit in the nostrils or on the top of the lips.

You will notice how you will feel a decongested nose in a short time. If you have a humidifier you can put half a teaspoon and inhale. An ointment for decongest the nose without causing side effects.

3. Zicam: calms runny nose and helps you sleep better

For the most extreme colds this spray will help decongest without irritating. Its effect is up to 12 hours, so you can sleep without getting up to open your nose. In addition to unclogging the nose, it will help do not have runny nose. This spray to decongest the nose should be applied only 2 times a day at most.

This product can also be used in children, If you have any questions, don’t forget to contact your doctor for better guidance. Apply it a few minutes before going to bed, and apply before going to work, so as not to have any discomfort.