The teeth They are made up of a crown, a root and the enamel, which is an ivory-colored layer that is inside the tooth and does not regenerate after its development has been completed. Stains on teeth is an oral alteration that appears due to various factors that cause a change in the decomposition of the enamel and directly affects the crown, so that when light is reflected in them, a change in its color or hue.

The spots They may be indicative of a serious problem, but not all stains are created equal. There are two types of stains on the teeth: extrinsic and intrinsic. Intrinsic stains form on the inside of the tooth and cause them to darken or turn yellowish. In general, its diagnosis is complex and these types of spots can be classified according to their congenital nature and are divided into post eruptive and pre eruptive. They are easier to eliminate and in some cases for recovery it is recommended to improve cleaning habits and eliminate the consumption of certain foods.

The other type of stains are extrinsic stains and they appear when the pigments adhere to the tooth surface or there is an accumulation of food debris or bacteria. It can also be if too much fluoride has been exposed, if the mother took antibiotics from the tetracycline group during pregnancy, or aging. This type of stains has a brown or whitish hue. If these types of stains are not dealt with in time they can cover the entire tooth up to the gums and their treatment would be more invasive.

Depending on the type of hue that the tooth possesses, the cause is deduced, and they are classified into:

  • White spots: indicate a decalcification of the teeth. It can be due to the use of orthodontic appliances, poor dental hygiene, excess fluoride, the accumulation of bacterial plaque and the consequence of caries.
  • Yellow spots: It occurs due to the deterioration of the enamel due to the consumption of acidic foods or medications when brushing is carried out too aggressively and consequently results in sensitivity to very cold or very hot food.
  • Brown or black spots: It appears due to the consumption of food, beverages, harmful vices such as tobacco, excessive consumption of sweets, wine and poor hygiene; These spots are more noticeable and tend to be more frequent in young children, if not treated in time it can cause periodontitis.
  • The gray spots: They are caused by trauma to the mouth or face that has directly affected the internal structure of the teeth. The consumption of some antibiotics and the excessive use of mouth rinses can also cause the appearance of these spots.

Currently the concern of society for having more white teeth and free of stains has increased, because it is a way to make a good impression. In order to achieve this and eliminate stains, we must have excellent oral hygiene, stop smoking, eliminate beverages with dyes or dyes and visit the dentist regularly.

Specialists have also developed different products and techniques based on an oxide-reduction chemical process that helps lighten the pigmentation of the tooth enamel surface. Most of these treatments are very expensive and require constant visits to the dentist. That is why this time we will show you different products that will help you have a captivating and white smile, and that you can use from the comfort of your home without spending a lot of money.

1. Cali White: Vegan Teeth Whitening Kit

This is a kit that has been developed in laboratories located in the United States and has not been tested on animals. Contains Cali White and it is free of toxic components such as sulfates, parabens, PEG and PPG. So you can use it without problems and will not leave any side effects. Includes splints, syringes with carbonamide peroxide bleaching gel and an LED light.

To use this product you just have to fill the gel splints and then use the blue led light to activate the product. It easily adapts to any mouth and fits comfortably. It will remove stains caused by coffee, wine, tea and cigarettes.

This is a treatment that you can use at home and it will only take you 10 to 30 minutes a day. It will uniformly whiten each space of the teeth up to the molars, guaranteeing results in a week. You can buy it for just $ 39.99.

2. Auraglow: Kit with high power LED light

Auraglow is a company that is dedicated to the well-being of our teeth, and this time it brings a very effective and practical teeth whitening kit. Contains 2 syringes with whitening gel and wireless high power LED light device with automatic shutdown timer.

The mouth tray fits comfortably in your mouth and will whiten the top and bottom of your teeth. You can use for 30 minutes a day and it will remove the stains on your teeth to give you a splendid smile.

Users who have already used this product state that they notice positive results from the first application and it is safe so it does not cause tooth sensitivity.

3. My Smile: Easy to use teeth whitening kit

This is a kit that includes a silicone splint, device with LED light and 3 syringes with carbamide peroxide gel. It has been created with a technology that removes stains from teeth quickly and effectively. Makes up to 9 treatments.

It guarantees professional results and whiten the upper and lower teeth evenly automatically, from the comfort of your home. Just applying the gel in the oral tray will act immediately and will restore pigmentation. We recommend that for best results you apply vitamin E to the gums before and after each session. You can buy it for a price of $ 19.