Hot flashes and hot flashes are one of the worst symptoms of menopause. Although it is best to have a treatment, hot flashes can always appear. There are products that help control the temperature in your body, give freshness so you can sleep better and relax at home. They are support instruments, which will be great allies to your menopause or even if you have temperature, muscle aches, bumps and more.

1. A pillow that stays cool for minutes to soothe hot flashes that won’t let you sleep

Because hot flashes that come suddenly, this is an excellent option so you can sleep or rest for a while, without having that overwhelming heat. It is a pillow that acts like a cold compress. The best thing is that you can mold it to place it on the neck, back or on your legs. It has a fabric, which allows it to be used immediately without burning your skin when it is cold.

The cold lasts about 30 minutes, so it will give you time to relax. This pillow to calm hot flashes at night, it is removable so you can remove it from its cotton cover and the compress keep it in the freezer when you do not use it.

2. USB rechargeable pocket fan to take it anywhere

Hot flashes occur regardless of the weather, and a fan is sometimes a little uncomfortable. This is a pocket fan that takes care of cooling you down. It has 2 speeds that ensure that blades rotate high speed so it can give you more speed and can refresh you in a matter of seconds.

It is a small fan and measures 4.9 X 3.1 X 0.8. In addition, it is extremely light and quiet. It can charge via USB, which is perfect in case you have to work on the computer or are reading in bed. It is a much faster tool than a fan.

3. Socks that regulate your body temperature to cool off

Hot flashes and hot flashes are different for each woman, some feel from the hips to the head, but others feel on the back and feet. These are socks that will help you regulate body temperature. Well you put it like a sock and in the front it has a cold gel bag that is responsible for giving you that freshness. You will notice how after a few minutes you would feel with zero hot flashes.

This cold gel pack helps also if you have an injury, to deflate a blow or in case of a sprain. It can even be used by men, boys and older adults. Store your socks in your closet and make sure the cold gel packs are always in your freezer.