Relieves stomach inflammation and pain.

For the days that you have stomach inflammation, there are products that help alleviate these symptoms and that can improve digestion to prevent any type of inflammation with stomach gases. There can be several factors so you can feel that inflammation such as dairy, spicy or very doomed food, the menstrual period, long sitting and poor digestion. These products will help you relieve stomach inflammation, they can be consumed daily or continuously to relieve discomfort.

1. Digestive enzymes: helps food digest better to prevent inflammation

Digestive enzymes are very important for your body to have a better digestion, if you are having problems with certain products such as dairy, digestive enzymes will help you avoid this stomach inflammation. Digestive enzymes make what you eat digest better to avoid inflammation and gas, in addition to taking care of the intestinal flora.

These digestive enzymes contain probiotics and prebiotics that will help prevent stomach and urinary infections. The ideal is consume it after every meal.

2. Probiotics: good bacteria in the intestinal flora and colon to prevent inflammation, gas and constipation

Whether due to menstrual periods, food, wearing tight clothing, or poor digestion, probiotics can promote digestion, prevent gas, inflammation, constipation, and diarrhea. These probiotics helps to have good bacteria in the intestinal flora and colon to prevent these symptoms.

If you are traveling, you have a lot of stress, these probiotics will help don’t get inflamed and keep calm that discomfort during the day. There are 60 capsules for you to carry in your bag or purse and you feel much better no matter what you eat.

3. Ginger, lemon and honey: natural remedy to relieve inflammation, gas and nausea

There are days when stomach inflammation is accompanied by nausea and gas. Ginger is a natural remedy to relieve inflammation, as it helps to relieve nausea and control stomach acids. ANDThese products contain ginger, mint, lemon and honey that will help calm your stomach and do not be inflamed or have gases that cause pain.

They are ideal to consume after something very heavy or when you are traveling and you have dizziness. Definitely a natural remedy to relieve stomach inflammation for the little ones and even for the older adults.