In a few days the season of summer officially and we begin to be more aware that our body reflects lack of exercise and poor diet. So it is time to prepare as soon as possible to lose those extra pounds before summer break arrives.

To achieve this, the important thing is to have a balanced diet low in calories and put our body in constant motion at maximum intensity for several times a week. We also recommend the use of supplements, organic tea or nutritional shakes that are designed to facilitate weightloss soon. Next, we present some products that will provide you with what you need to achieve the desired figure.

1. Food substitute smoothie from Garden of life:


Smoothie Composed with 28 grams of lean protein that includes raw chromium, organic cinnamon and green coffee beans, ingredients that help burn fat, lose weight and maintain an adequate level of blood sugar.

In addition, this nutritional food has a vanilla flavor that provides a daily value of 36% fiber and controls cravings. It is perfect for you to recover energy after going through an exercise routine.

2. Garcinia Cambogia Supplement Quality:

Supplement composed of hydroxycitric and natural ingredients that provide nutrients to the body, control anxiety and aid in weight loss. It is at your disposal in a container containing 60 capsules.

Works by metabolizing fat cells and incorporates them into the bloodstream to achieve oxidation, this is what generates the significant increase in calorie expenditure for both the body at rest and in motion.

3. Tea Detox & Cleanse E-Z:

E-Z Detox Tea Formulated with natural ingredients that help suppress appetite, boost energy, burn fat and improve digestion. In addition, it lifts the mood and reduces stress. It is designed for both men and women.

You can consume a cup a day to reduce anxiety for up to six continuous hours, while its active compounds provide antioxidant and vitamins so you have a healthy immune system.