You will be able to show healthy white teeth without going to the dentist.

To have shiny white teeth, you don’t have to spend a fortune on special toothpastes and treatments. Since there are quite cheap products that can help you get the same results, but without spending a lot of money. For example, activated carbon and bentonite clay can help you whiten your teeth easily. Here are some rare products, but they are designed to whiten teeth effectively.

1. Sagano – Activated carbon

This product contains coconut and charcoal to whiten teeth naturally, without using chemicals. The advantages of using activated carbon is that it absorbs all impurities such as plaque and bacteria, so that it is easier to eliminate them. Sagano activated carbon can help you remove stains from your teeth caused by tea, coffee and other foods.

For this product can remove stains from your teeth you just have to apply a small amount to your toothpaste every day. You can also use the product as a face mask to remove impurities from the face. Sagano activated carbon has a cost of $ 5.99.

2. The Dirt – Pasta with cinnamon and minerals

The toothpaste The Dirt It contains cinnamon and minerals such as: calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, iron, sodium, sulfur, and carbon. With these minerals, the paste can help you whiten your teeth and keep your gums healthy. In addition, it contains coconut oil and bentonite clay to detoxify teeth and whiten teeth effectively without damaging the enamel. You only need to use a small amount of the toothpaste to brush and whiten your teeth. The Dirt paste of 150 grams has a cost of $ 14.92.

3. Max Foam – peroxide foam

The hydrogen peroxide It is very effective in whitening teeth, however it can cause sensitivity in the gums and damage the enamel if it is not used properly. However, you can use products like Max Foam that contain peroxide, but do not harm the teeth. Since its formula is made for sensitive teeth and contains mint so that it has a more pleasant flavor. You must leave the foam for less than a minute on the teeth and then rinse it, so that if you can remove the stains from your teeth. Max Foam is priced at $ 12.95.