Take care and protect your skin at menopause.

During menopause, your skin undergoes very drastic and abrupt changes. Dry skin is one of the skin problems. To improve the appearance and make your skin feel soft, we give you 3 remedies to repair it. It is important that you exfoliate, hydrate and moisturize, how to do it? We tell you what to do to make skin less of a problem at this stage.

1. Exfoliate the skin to remove dead cells

Exfoliating the skin of the whole body helps your skin not to dry out because what it does is it removes all the dead cells that make your skin dull. In the menopause stage, it is important to be very careful with your skin, as it can become more sensitive, but it is important that you exfoliate it at least once a week.

This scrub is for sensitive and very delicate skin to be applied all over the body. Helps remove impurities, regenerate skin texture and don’t be so dry.

2. Hydrate the skin with vitamins to protect it from free radicals and it is not parched

Vitamin E helps a lot to regenerate the skin, take care of free radicals, give it elasticity and hydrate it in depth. What you can do is apply it on the days when you feel the most dry skin or you can combine with your body cream After exfoliating your skin, you will notice how your skin has a better texture and is smooth.

Vitamin E can be applied to your entire body and even as a serum for the face and neck. It will give you moisture and nutrients so you don’t feel so parched after prolonged use.

3. Apply a nutrient-rich body cream that is thicker to give more moisture

With body changes your skin is affected instantly, it is important that you use a moisturizer that help you reduce dry skin. This body cream contains shea butter, glycerin, niacinamide and prebiotics to hydrate your skin. You can apply it at any time and it is important that you do it at least once a day.

Can be applied to sensitive skin, this body cream moisturizes for up to 48 hours. It is a dermatologically tested product.