The skin loses sagging, becomes wrinkled, and may even have slight blemishes. Retinol is a vitamin that is responsible for rejuvenating the skin, it can benefit to combat flaccidity and gradually eliminate blemishes. Retinol is used to smooth wrinkles, these skin creams are safer to use. Retinol creams for the face can have high concentrations since it is the skin that tends to wrinkle first.

It is recommended to always use at night and being a retinol cream it has more ingredients so it does not make it so photosensitive, but always take care of your skin from sun exposure, even when you are at home.

1. Medix 5.5: retinol cream with ferulic acid a powerful antioxidant

This is a retinol cream for the body, it is ideal if you have spots, since ferulic acid cares for the skin from free radicals and helps you recover from those damages. Another benefit is that it can give firmness and greater elasticity to the skin, ideal for use on muscles and arms. In addition to retinol and ferulic acid, it has aloe vera, chamomile, shea butter, apple, rosemary and sunflower.

If you have a little sensitive skin, choose to use it on one part of the arm, to see if it doesn’t react. In the same way you can wear on the neck to prevent sagging.

2. Puritan’s Pride: improves elasticity and gives it softness due to its coconut oil and vitamin E

Retinol is known as vitamin A, within retinol there are different types of retinol. This cream has a type of retinol that is very soft and its concentration is lower, it is ideal so that it does not irritate the skin, it cans use daily to combat sagging and give more elasticity to your skin, regardless of age. Its price is $ 14.99 for 2 bottles of retinol cream, ideal to save and take care of your skin.

You can use this cream all over your body, it has coconut oil and vitamin E, to give it softness all over your skin and don’t dry out.

3. Rosen Apothecary: improves circulation and eliminates inflammation contains retinol, collagen, hyaluronic acid and caffeine

This retinol cream is perfect for activating circulation, hydrating it, retaining moisture, it can eliminate stains and rejuvenate it. Its ingredients are retinol, collagen, hyaluronic acid and caffeine, ideal for all skin types and to prevent further appearance of cellulite, due to its caffeine content. In additionYes, it can deflate the skin for when you feel fluid retention.

When you put this retinol cream, choose to do a dry brushing or exfoliation in the shower before this is so that the skin is activated and so you can absorb its active ingredients much better.