3 Salome pants girdles to shape your figure in comfort

The best way to show off your favorite jeans.

The girdles They are designed with the needs of every woman in mind; That is why they have become a tool that cannot be missing in our everyday look. The important thing is that you keep in mind the benefits that each of these garments offers you, such as compressing the abdomen, losing weight, lifting the buttocks, post-operatively or controlling low back pain. On this occasion we present you 3 models of the brand Salome They have a pants design that will make you feel at ease, while shaping your figure.

1. Salomé: Compression girdle

It is a full body girdle that comes with wide straps, a flat closure and an open crotch to make it easier to go to the bathroom. It is made with Powernet fabric to provide greater flexibility and comfort of movement.

further is invisible under clothing, so you can use it daily to improve posture, lift the buttocks and compress the abdomen. It also helps speed up the recovery process after surgery or delivery.

2. Salomé: Girdle with high waist

High waist compression girdle made with a hypoallergenic cotton inner lining that is soft to the skin. It has a seamless design and comes with a silicone strip on the top and bottom to prevent it from rolling up.

It is an ergonomic model It completes any adjustment comfortably under any clothing, as it provides complete coverage and works on problem areas of the abdomen, buttocks and legs, while correcting posture.

3. Salomé: Shaping-reducing belt

It is a full body moulder made of soft fabrics elastane and polyamide, materials elastic enough to reduce and compress the areas of the abdomen, waist, buttocks and thighs. It features a flat zip closure, removable straps and an opening between the legs.

Guarantees freedom of movement and it keeps you cool, even for you to go dancing with your friends. Although you can also use it after liposuction, because it helps you with the recovery process.