When we acquire a Tablet We have an effective tool at hand to carry out almost any task from wherever you are. These devices with their touch screens deserve correct handling to avoid accidents. One of the essential accessories for your team is a protective case to protect it from scratches on the screen and shock in case you drop it. That is why we present you three cases to keep your brand tablet protected from bumps and falls Samsung.

1. Shockproof case with rear support

The Kid-Proof cover Dinine brand is made of high resistance EVA foam, similar to that used in high-end shoe insoles, so it will give your tablet great protection against bumps.

This case covers the back and side of your tablet even protecting the edges of the screen. It has a handle for good grip and rear supports to place it vertically on any surface.

2. Real Eagle: synthetic leather keyboard case

Real Eagle presents its case made of high quality synthetic leather with foam to protect your equipment, including the screen, offering a stylish look. This case is available in four colors designed for Samsung Tab A 10.1 inch.

When you buy it you will get the case with keyboard and screen protector, a charging cable and the capacitive pencil. Have Protect your tablet with style and comfort so you can take it wherever you want and avoid accidents, thus guaranteeing a long life for your equipment.

3. Poetic: Silicone Protective Case

This case is made of ultra thick silicone with extra splash guard. In the corners it has perforations that absorb shocks. The speakers also have a special design to direct the sound to the user, it also has respirators that help maintain the correct temperature of your equipment.

The design of the Poetic brand is exclusive and similar to that of the rear turtle shell that offers supports for a better grip and fall protection. This case is compatible with Samsung galaxy Tab A 8.0 and is available in black, blue and green colors.