Damaged hair needs double wetting and a serum with a higher concentration. Using a vitamin-based hair serum will help give it softness, shine and removes dry spots. Applying a serum is a complement that you should have more of a routine with a shampoo without sulfates or parabens and a mask. We give you 3 serums that will help you repair damaged hair.

1. L LUSETA: a biotin and collagen hair sealer

This serum has biotin and collagen ideal for strengthening weak hair, giving vitality to the dry parts of your hair, giving it moisture and serving as a sealant to protect it of hair dyes and free radicals. It will help a lot to heal the hair and prevent frizz. Biotin and collagen are 2 proteins you need for healthy hair.

You can use it on wet or dry hair, remember to apply from medium to ends. If you are going to use iron or curling iron apply a heat protector extra to take care of all your hair.

2. Teddie Organics: pure and virgin argan oil to repair in depth

If your hair feels very dry and is even stiff and with little volume, using an argan serum will help you repair it. You need a pure and virgin argan oil, so that all its nutrients can be absorbed by the hair and thus recover faster. You can even add a few drops of argan oil to your shampoo, conditioner, or mask to make it more moisturizing.

Argan oil can repair an itchy and irritated scalp. This hair serum is without a doubt an investment what you should do to repair damage to your hair.

3. Alternate: a serum that strengthens, hydrates and eliminates frizz

This hair serum has kendi oil that is responsible for hydrating, brightening, eliminating static and frizz. It also contains organic bamboo extract that is responsible for detangling and strengthening the hair. These 2 ingredients in your hair will help you make a healthy and strong hair. Apply it before washing your hair for 10 to 15 minutes from medium to ends, and wash.

It is recommended to use it once or twice a week according to the damage to your hair. Do not apply it to the scalp, as it can make it oily. Its aroma ands citrus and floral.