If you are one of those who stores food in bags, surely on more than one occasion you have resorted to knots at the ends to secure them. However, we know that with this type of knots the bags store air or water enters them, somewhat ruining the storage. To avoid these annoyances there are sets of clips they close hermetically the bags, and the best thing is that they come in different sizes. Here are some of these practical utensils that we all must have to preserve our food for longer:

1. Color clips to seal bags

A total of 20 sealing clips Different colors will allow you to hermetically close your bags without letting air in. Just fold the corner or end of your bag, remove the air and put the clip on.

The sealing hooks can be used in the microwave, left in the freezer and you can wash them in a dishwasher. Make your life easier with these clips that will be very helpful in your home.

2. Steel hooks for a secure closure

Ipow has for you its set of 10 steel hooks ideal for sealing your bags with foods such as coffee, cereals, milk and vegetables, which we almost always keep in the bag with a knot. These clips, which snap open and close, are three inches wide.

To use them alone fold the ends of the bag and attach the clip under pressure. These types of hooks have other uses at home and will surely become an indispensable piece beyond your kitchen.

3. Bag sealer in four sizes

The slideable sealing wands It is another of the models to hermetically seal food bags. Diamond Shield has for you a set of 16 pieces in four sizes, 10.6 inches, 8.3, 6.55 and 3.9 to adapt to the bag of your preference.

To use it, fold the top of a bag, then slide the inner rod through the fold of the bag, and the clip on the outside, leaving your bag perfectly sealed. These utensils are useful to avoid knots that leave your food very poorly protected.