A touch of green thinking within your workspace.

We are increasingly motivated to use and practice ecological habits to help preserve the environment, today you can even get products made with recyclable materials that help bring green awareness into our daily lives. Products made with recyclable materials are countless and can have multiple uses, an example of this are the following sets of mouse and keyboard that we present below.

1. Computer tools wireless

It is a wireless keyboard and mouse game made in wood gives bamboo with micro USB inputs. It has a two-hour battery with a connection distance of up to 10 meters and they have an elegant design with smooth finishes.

It is a game that will combine with your work space and computer, it will also attract the attention of your loved ones as they are electronic accessories innovative and perfectly crafted.

2. Keyboard with bamboo carvings

It is a bamboo carved mouse and keyboard set that feature a smooth, sober, elegant and very modern with perfectly detailed identifiers. It has retractable legs and is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

They are modern and ideal tools to combine your work environment with your ecological and conservation practices. environment.

3. Keyboard and mouse game multimedia

They are high quality carved tools with 2.4 GHz system wireless wifi with a very long service life. The keyboard has video and music identifiers, and it has a modern and simple design that allows it to be combined with any decoration.

You can say goodbye to low-quality keyboards and mice, as well as annoying and dangerous cables thanks to these ecological, resistant and functional tools. You can contribute to the environment from the comfort of your home or office.