Cover the gray hairs with a shampoo.

If you no longer want to dye your hair or small gray hairs start to appear, we look for gray shampoos in almost any hair t Using a gray shampoo helps hydrate, cover and condition your hair. Remember that with the months you will see fast results, but it is important to be consistent. These 3 shampoos for gray hair can be used by men and women.

1. Klorane: Helps tone gray hair on blonde hair

This shampoo for gray hair is ideal for blond or very light hair, what it does is that it adds reflections to your blond hair, creating blonde ribbons in your hair so that the gray hairs are not noticeable and that the gray hairs do not have that yellow tone that makes them stand out. This shampoo can tone gray hair, it also gives volume, shine and cares for the hair fiber so that it does not weaken the hair.

This shampoo for gray hair has no parabens, sulfates or silicones. It will help nourish hair that is already highly colored.

2. Punk: gray shampoo that gives powerful color with every wash

If you are one of the men or women who have a brown or copper tone, this shampoo will paint the hair to cover the gray hair.s helps to color it with every wash. This will help cover gray hair so you don’t have to paint your hair every week. This shampoo also has a conditioner containing ingredients such as vegetable protein, hydrolyzed quinoa, shea butter to care for the hair and prevent it from drying out.

There are several shades in this shampoo to cover gray hair. There are cool tones in case you are very conservative. This gray shampoo helps condition, hydrate, shine and have a more durable color.

3. Bio Green Roots: for black hair to cover gray hair

This shampoo for gray hair is for black hair, since in each application it covers gray hair. It can be applied by men and women, you must let it act for 15 minutes so that the pigment can penetrate your hair. It is important that you read the instructions because 2 bottles come inside, one of pigment and the other to wash.

The best thing is that this shampoo for gray hair is ammonia free so it won’t harm your hair. You can apply it 2 or 3 times a week to cover gray hair and do not damage your hair with so many dyes.