Do you have very dry and damaged hair?

Weather, age, dyes, heat products and more can make hair dry and damaged. There are ingredients for dry hair that are responsible for giving nutrients, so that it is replenished. Its main assets help to give it shine, provide the exact humidity so that it does not break, give it elasticity, and can even help promote hair growth. These are 3 shampoos for dry and damaged hair, which can revitalize dry hair in men and women.

1. Maple Holistics: shampoo with oils and vitamins that gives nutrients to the hair follicle

A shampoo for dry and damaged hair, it is ideal that it contains moisturizing ingredients and the most natural, so that they can act from the hair follicles. This dry hair shampoo helps nourish the scalp, as it contains parsley seeds, carrot oil, almond, keratin, jojoba and silk peptides. Help to give vitamins and antioxidants to prevent hair loss, nourishes with oils to give shine and hydration.

This dry hair shampoo is paraben and sulfate free. Your hair follicles stimulates them for a healthy hair growth. If you have dry scalp it also hydrates it to prevent dandruff.

2. Baebody: shampoo with argan oil to revitalize and strengthen

One of the ingredients for dry hair that will help nourish is argan. Argan oil helps nourish, give vitamins and minerals so that the hair does not dry out and can contain the exact amount of moisture so that it does not break or dry out. It is ideal for making a treatment for dry and damaged hair, as this argan shampoo helps revitalize hair.

Argan oil is excellent for hair dried by dyes or heat products. Try to invest and buy an argan shampoo and an argan conditioner as well. Helps strengthen, brighten and softness.

3. L LUSETA: keratin protein to repair dryness and eliminate frizz

If you are looking for a shampoo for dry and frizzy hair, this contains keratin and wheat protein that contain amino acids and nutrients to eliminate frizz, retain moisture, nourish to eliminate dry hair. Lack of keratin causes hair to dry out and lose strength, so it is important to have a shampoo, mask or even a supplement that protects it. It is also a shampoo that gives elasticity so that it does not break.

This is a set of shampoo for dry hair it has a conditioner, you can alternate it with the use of a mask. Make a treatment for dry hair at least 3 months. It is safe to use if you have colored hair.