It shows hair without dandruff and not so greasy.

Dandruff comes out from an imbalance in the pH of the scalp, use of very strong shampoos or oily hair with poor care. Oily and dandruff hair must have some special care. You should wash it with warm water, because with very hot water you make more sebum to be produced, do not touch your hair frequently and try to wash one day yes and one no. Well, washing it daily also affects the pH and removes natural oils. We recommend these shampoos for dandruff; so you can have clean and healthy hair.

1. Shampoo that removes excess sebum and controls it to eliminate dandruff

This shampoo for dandruff and oily hair, helps to eliminate the fat that is on your scalp and with this eliminates the sebum that is covering the hair follicles. When applying the shampoo in days you will notice relief and less irritation to the scalp, you will even feel more relieved. It can be applied by young people and adults.

It is recommended to use Twice a week within 4 months, so that dandruff does not become a major problem. Remember that dandruff can be one of the reasons for hair loss.

2. Shampoo with neem oil that controls dandruff and cares for the pH of your scalp

IF you are looking for one abrasive scratch alternative And that it can remove dandruff and control sebum, this stick shampoo for oily hair is very good. Contains kiwi oil, coconut oil, neem oil, oatmeal, calendula, and manuka oil that cares for the pH of your scalp, but makes it remove dandruff naturally.

This bar shampoo can replace up to 3 bottles of shampoo, other benefits you will get is that you save money, you will not have dandruff and you contribute to the reduction of plastic.

3. Shampoo with probiotics that restore hair so it is not oily and has dandruff

An alternative to get rid of dandruff is to give probiotics so that the pH levels off and you can get rid of dandruff faster. East shampoo is organic and what it does is restore the health of the scalp to remove dirt. It is also ideal for oily hair to be cleaned without being abrasive.

It is an ideal shampoo to end dandruff and that your oily hair does not produce as much sebum. It is made from a fermentation without artificial ingredients. A shampoo for dandruff with 4.1 stars.