Have lighter hair.

Using a shampoo to lighten your hair does not mean that you will have black hair to blonde hair. The lightening shampoos serve so that you have a shade less than your original color, take care of blonde hair and even the highlights of your hair. We recommend 3 shampoos that will serve to lighten hair, nourish it and even take care of hair loss. They can be used if you have oily or mixed hair and if you are a man or a woman.

1. John Frieda: lightens hair regardless of original shade

Probably one of the most popular hair lightening shampoos is this one by John Frieda. Well, it is responsible for lightening the hair, regardless of the color of the hair. Contains chamomile and citrus which is responsible for giving a lighter shade to your hair. If you have very dark hair, it can lighten a little with which you will get a dark brown hue.

It is recommended to use the entire line for faster and more consistent results. If you already have blond hair, it will help you to look the same color. It has 4.1 stars.

2. Uncle Nacho: clarifies and prevents hair loss

This shampoo to lighten hair, contains chamomile, rosemary, wheat, ginseng, tomato, jojoba and hydrants that can give a lighter shade to your hair. Besides that your hair can lighten it, it can also strengthen the hair, preventing breakage and benefiting hair growth. This lightening shampoo can be used on both men and women.

Some buyers have noticed changes after a month, stronger and lighter shades. Remember that using a lightening shampoo has a process, so it can take time to see results, this will depend on your hair.

3. Dessange Paris: made with chamomile and citrus for greater effectiveness

Chamomile is one of the natural ingredients that helps lighten hair, even the strongest shades. This hair lightening shampoo contains chamomile and citrus which make the hair look soft from the roots. If you have dark, copper or reddish hair you can lower a t

Some shoppers with brown hair have been able to see a slight shade change. This lightening shampoo will help to have lighter hair, but it will never reach a maximum lightening in case you are afraid of having blonde hair.