An excellent ingredient for any skin type.

One of the benefits of the snail slime is that it helps to take care of the hydration and humidity in your skin with this it is able to hydrate and prevent premature wrinkles. No matter your skin type, hydration is important. An advantage of snail slime is that it is a very noble and soft ingredient. By using snail slime masks, it helps to prevent blemishes and wrinkles, giving hydration, softness and nutrients to the skin.

1. BENTON: controls sebum in oily skin and calms redness in sensitive skin

These snail slime masks help improve the appearance of the skin, penetrating the dermis to reduce blemishes, moisturize and prevent premature wrinkles. If you already have wrinkles, it helps to smooth. If you have sensitive skin, the snail slime helps calm redness and prevent extreme dryness.

If you have oily skin, it helps control sebum and improve the appearance of pores. It is a natural mask, with ingredients such as camellia sinensis and snail slime.

2. Hawwwy: stimulates collagen and elastin on your face to prevent wrinkles

If your skin already has signs of aging, it is opaque and has certain spots, the snail slime mask helps to improve the texture, smooth the skin and hydrate it to reduce wrinkles. The snail slime is gentle on the skin so that it provides optimal hydration in various layers of the skin. It may have a peculiar smell, but it is normal. If you are inflamed, put it in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes, before using it.

Snail slime also stimulates collagen and elastin in your skin, to improve skin structure. Leave it for about 20 minutes and let that serum penetrates your skin.

3. Skederm: controls moisture and hydration to remove wrinkles

The snail slime reduces redness, cares for the skin from free radicals, gives deep hydration to avoid wrinkles on the skin and controls sebum secretion. Regardless of your skin type, snail slime works on oily, sensitive and combination skin.

By having excellent hydration on your skin, it prevents wrinkles, since it has sufficient moisture and hydration in the different layers of the skin. If you still don’t have enough wrinkles, snail slime masks are an excellent preventive for expression lines and wrinkles.