Invest in hair care and prevent burning.

We know that your hair looks incredible wavy, super straight and with a few curls, but it is important that you use a heat protector for your hair, as this creates a protective layer for your hair, avoiding burning and frizz. When using a heat shield will help hair is not easily damaged.

1. Paul Mitchell: apply to dry hair, protect it from mistreatment and break ends

This heat protector for hair is responsible for protecting your hair from high temperatures and takes care of damage like breakage, frizz and why your hair is abused to the extreme. It should always be applied to dry hair and that it covers all your hair, always include the ends. Then you can style as usual.

It is essential that you invest in your heat protector, if you love to comb in different ways, be it with an iron, a curling iron, a heat brush and a dryer. It has 4.2 stars And buyers have loved the results.

2. Living proof: care hair from high temperatures and sun

Have you ever wondered what temperature a hair straightener can reach? One of the most common temperatures is 230 degrees centigrade. Imagine doing it every week and almost every day. To avoid deep and lasting damage, opt for this thermal hair protector. Well it protects up to 250 degrees centigrade and protects it from the sun.

It is perfect if you want to keep the color of your dye for longer and avoid that your hair is mistreated too much. Definitely don’t think about it, e invest in the health of your hair. A thermal protector with 4 stars.

3. Moroccanoil: argan oil cares for and protects it so you can paint it as you love

Put a little spray on all your dry hair and now do your hair as you like. You can do it with an iron, a curling iron or a dryer, as it will resist your hair up to 230 degrees centigrade. This will help keep the heat from killing the keratin or nutrients in your hair.

It can be applied to any type of hair and no matter the length, it covers from root to tip. It is made with argan oil that has an exotic blend and a rich aroma with amber and floral notes.