A natural oil that helps care for skin tissues.

Squalene comes from shark liver, but is also extracted from vegetables and plants. One of the benefits of squalene is that it has a high content of antioxidants, it cares for the skin from free radicals, it is able to repair damaged or prematurely aging skin. It is ideal for any skin type as it is very soft and hydrating without being heavy.

1. .Timeless Skin Carand: gives maximum hydration that prevents dehydration in the skin

Squalene is a natural, smooth and simple ingredient. Helps to provide intense hydration to the driest skin and oily skin helps them to not produce more sebum than necessary. Squaleno will help reduce wrinkles and prevent let those fine lines appear.

It is a natural oil, ideal for any type of skin, has no complications and can be combined with any ingredient. This is pure squalene, with no added ingredients.

2. The Ordinary: gives elasticity to the skin and prevents damage to the hair

Another benefit of squalene is that gives elasticity to the skin, It does not clog pores, it gives moisture to the skin and can be used on hair that is used to take care of heat, prevents breakage and prevents frizz. An oil that is versatile to take care of hair health and prevent facial wrinkles.

This squalene oil is ideal for any face type, even It will help make the makeup look better. Apply before applying and as a last step. A drop will be enough to cover your entire face.

3. Peter Thomas Roth: a powerful antioxidant that repairs the skin from any damage

In times of very cold or when you feel that your skin is very dehydrated squalene oil helps to give a smooth texture while hydrating inside. Improves texture, prevents wrinkles, Gives elasticity and controls sebum in oily skin. Squalene oil can be used anywhere on your skin.

It is a powerful antioxidant that repairs the damage you have to your skin. If you have very dry feet, knees, elbows, hands this antioxidant oil repairs it in weeks. A perfect wrinkle ingredient for all skin types.