An ideal amulet for your home or work.

The Oriental culture It is full of myths, legends and beliefs recognized and accepted worldwide. Good luck, success and abundance are part of those gifts that we can attract through representative images and figures. This time, we show you 3 statues of the Golden Horse to attract wealth and abundance to your home or work.

1. Golden Horse Statue from Wenmily

Chinese zodiac horse figure made of resin that simulates gold. It comes in a glass base with Chinese symbols. Includes a gift box.

The horse represents strength, loyalty and trust. His personality attracts very good energies, which can also come to you by placing this figure in any clean and visible space in your home.

2. Figure of Golden Horse on 2 legs

10.5 Inch Stallion Loving / Playing Brass Color Horse Standing Statue, Rearing Horse Art Figurine Decorative Sculpture Home Decor Piece-by Crystal Collection

Sculpted horse in polyresin 10.5 inches tall by 4 inches wide. It has details of clothing carved and painted by hand.

Sober and elegantThis figure is perfect to place in your library, nightstand or office. It can also be a good gift for a family member or friend who opens a new home.

3. Golden Horse of Feng shui

Figure of the Golden Horse standing on two legs with gold coins At his feet. Handmade in synthetic resin. It measures 16 x 6 x 16 centimeters.

The horse’s nature is strong and rampant. The horse can drive the wealth flow and make money and prosperity flow into your home. It is recommended to place facing south at home or in the workplace.