Shampoo stick that strengthens hair.

Shampoo sticks have the same benefits of shampoo in a container. The shampoo sticks were born out of the need to generate less waste and continue to give it strength, repair, avoid frizz and even grow hair. We are looking for shampoo to thicken the hair and make it stronger and more resistant. These bar shampoos can be used by both men and women.

1. Truu me: strengthens and improves hair growth

This shampoo stick contains olive oil, ginseng, shea butter, ginger, and a plant extract. What they do is they take care of the moisture in the scalp, nourish it and clean it without being abrasive. The thanks to its nutrients, and can even improve hair growth.

There are 2 shampoos in bar that can last up to a whole year. To use it you just have to wet your scalp and then pass the bar on your scalp.

2. J.R.LIGGETT’S: cleanses the scalp and improves hair follicles

Excess sebum can cause your hair follicles to become clogged and prevent hair growth, and may even be weak. It has ingredients such as essential oils, mango, aloe vera, almond oil among others, which can make the follicle more resistant and thicker, to avoid breakage and fall.

It does not have sulfates, detergents or chemical products. AnyA type of hair can be used. This shampoo cleanses without being hard on your scalp. Always leave your shampoo in a cool and ventilated place, so that it can be dried and not wet all the time.

3. iHeart Nature: prevents dandruff and irritations on the scalp

This bar shampoo has natural ingredients like organic hibiscus flowers, neem oil, organic Amla berry and oil, and organic Shikakai powder. These ingredients improve the condition of your hair, help it grow healthier, stronger and thicker, and prevent dandruff or an irritated scalp. The mint gives freshness to your head.

They are very soft ingredients that can restore any type of hair. A shampoo stick that will last you for months, they are soft, but deep clean and give them nutrients to recover from any damage.