Teas to detoxify the body and feel without inflammation.

After many meals, excess alcohol or digestive problems, it is time to resort to detoxifying the body. There are several ways to do this, but the richest, fastest and most beneficial is teas to detoxify the body. We give you 3 different teas in which they can help you clean the colon, prevent urinary infections, prevent inflammation and stomach gases.

1. I love you: tea with lemon, hawthorn berries and lotus leaf to cleanse the colon

To start with this tea to detoxify the body, it has natural ingredients that will help improve your digestion, purify toxins from the colon, prevents inflammation and constipation. Its main ingredients are lemon, hawthorn berries, lotus leaf and rhubarb root. You should know if you are doing a medical treatment, ask your doctor, because these teas purify your body.

This tea to detoxify the body, is must consume in the morning it has caffeine. Always stay hydrated with natural water, while you do your detoxification period.

2. Fit Tea: green tea with ginger, pomegranate prevents urinary infections and strengthens your defenses with natural antioxidants

Detoxifying your body should not be torture, this tea has great benefits because its main ingredients are ginger, pomegranate, green tea, oolong and rooibos, garcinia cambogia. They will help raise your defenses thanks to their powerful natural antioxidants, purify your body, prevents inflammation and gas formation. Ideal for your body to eliminate toxins.

This tea to detoxify the kidneys will make you urinate more, since it has diuretic ingredients natural, thanks to the pomegranate prevents urinary infections. Contains green tea, so it has caffeine, avoid its consumption after 3 in the afternoon.

3. 360 Nutrition: tea with garcinia cambogia and powerful antioxidants that prevents inflammation and stomach gases

This rich detoxifying tea has antioxidant green ingredients that will help your body cleanse itself. Thanks to its natural ingredients, it will improve your digestion, prevent inflammation and gas formation, and even fluid retention. It is normal for you to urinate more than normal, because flush toxins from your kidneys. So always stay hydrated.

By having clean kidneys and a clean urinary tract, prevents urinary infection. This tea can be consumed when you feel it is time to eliminate and detoxify your body.