An item that should not be missing in your first aid kit.

Generally, children they are the most likely in the house to get sick or catch a cold, even more than adolescents or adults. That is why having a child thermometer at home is a must. Today, technology has come a long way in the health field, so taking a child’s temperature is not as difficult or complicated as it used to be. A good example of this is the digital child thermometers that we show you below:

1. Digital thermometer with 3 reading modes

The digital thermometer is infrared and it features a three-color changing LCD screen which can display a reading in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius. It is suitable for all ages.

Their three reading modes They allow you to easily take body temperature, surface temperature, and room temperature without touching the object or person. In addition, it emits a sound when it detects the fever in your son or daughter.

2. Vigor: digital thermometer with silent reading

It has a high precision probe Updated with a built-in smart chip and backlit LCD display that enables clear readings even in the dark.

his beep free reading Thanks to its silent mode, they will allow you to take your baby’s temperature without interrupting their sleep. It also allows you to take your temperature through your ear.

3. Digital thermometer with reading storage

This digital thermometer with backlight display You can take your child’s temperature reading by his ear or forehead.

It can be read in two ways: emitting 10 short beeps to warn you of the degree of fever, or emitting light while in silent mode.