Guarantee the safety of your trip with these meters.

When you are behind the wheel, as a driver it is your responsibility to be aware of every detail about the state of your car. Both if all its parts work correctly, as well as not losing sight of any strange sound or deficiency, since however small it may be, it could cause you some discomfort or concern.

The most recommended to maintain your car in good condition and with optimal operation is to take it frequently for a complete overhaul in the workshop, to ensure that everything is in order. Especially if you plan to start a road trip or an outing with friends or family in the near future, in order to detect any anomaly in time and prevent possible accidents or bad times. Always keep in mind that passenger safety depends on the car and its driver.

Remember that driving on the highway, whether you are alone or accompanied, requires your full attention so that unwanted accidents do not occur. And this not only lies in being alert to what happens on the road and around you, but also what happens inside your car and to be able to detect any strange or foreign operation.

Equally, it is also important to have all those products and articles that can complement and control the functions of your car, and thus improve their performance on the road. And taking into account that the tires They are one of the most important and determining components of the car at the time of a failure, it is essential to always keep them in excellent condition, without wear on their surface and with adequate air pressure to avoid putting undue pressure on them.

There are many products and tools that we can take in our car to guarantee safety on the road and thus be able to be prepared for any unforeseen event. Among the most important are always the safety cone, wrench set, tire repair kits, battery tension cables, and also the air pressure gauges.

The tires they need to have the pressure level just not to demand more engine power or lose grip and grip on the road asphalt. However, on many occasions we do not have a service station nearby to check the air in the tires, or we simply notice a difference in the car’s damping and we must perform a leveling.

For these cases, the air pressure gauges They will be of great help, since they allow you to know exactly the pressure of each tire and adjust it if necessary, so you can level the level and thus drive more security until you reach a service station if necessary. Or you can simply use it as a checking tool that you use from time to time to ensure that everything is in order.

There are many options and styles that you can have in your car, but you should always lean towards compact sizes that do not take up too much space in your trunk, and that also have a digital meter to ensure more accurate and accurate readings.

1. Pressure gauge with accessories

East pressure gauge AstroAI brand digital has a 250 PSI medium air mandrel and various compressor accessories that are required to inflate tires. This tool is professionally calibrated to give an accurate reading within 1% of the exact tire pressure at all times.

It has a backlit display LED, which also presents measurements in PSI, KPA, Bar and Kg / cm². It also has an inflation gun, mandrel, pressure gauge, hose and bleed valve.

This digital inflator is built with steel components and high resistance brass for maximum durability over time. Easy to use, it does not require instructions for its operation and it has a compact size for you to store it with greater comfort. It works with 2 AAA batteries.

2. Digital tire pressure gauge JACO

This high-quality, effective-performance digital meter enables leveling of the air pressure of each tire of your car. In addition, this equipment has been performance tested and certified to professional ANSI Grade 2A standards, ensuring accurate pressure readings of up to 200 PSI with a screen resolution of 0.10 PSI.

Each of the parts that make up this digital meter is built with brass material and strong and sturdy steel, making it shock and drop proof. On the other hand, it features a leak-free 10 ″ rubber-based flexible air hose with a 360 degree interchangeable advanced angled mandrel.

It also has a useful purge valve integrated air, which serves to reduce pressure on overinflated tires. Serves cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, bicycles, RVs, trailers, spare tires, and many more.

3. PowRyte: tire inflator with pressure gauge

This digital tire inflator features a air pressure gaugeFeaturing high precision 250 PSI and 12 additional parts for optimal performance. In turn, the precision of the manometer is ± 0.1% of the exact pressure of your tire. Includes 4 tire valve caps, and has an inflation range of 0-250 PSI.

This inflator has a ergonomic push trigger for easy-to-inflate tires, a built-in air bleed valve that quickly lowers pressure on each tire, and a dual-lock chuck. On the other hand, it also has an extremely bright blue LCD backlight screen which makes it easy to use in dark garages or when you are on the road at night.

The equipment itself is divided into several essential pieces, which together give you the best performance and exact readings so you can travel safely and confidently at all times. Since it fulfills a function of pressure gauge and also of inflator, you can solve any problem with your tires quickly and effectively.