Cure the stye at home.

Some causes of styes are infections, hormonal changes, hygiene and more. Styes come out on the eyelids, but can be inside the eyes. Eye knobs and styes are very different. Some tips to relieve styes is not to squeeze, scratch or squeeze; It can affect the healing process and become infected. The stye in the eyes, it is very easy to relieve, it will not last more than a week. So apply these treatments to relieve styes.

1. Apply a cream treatment to relieve itchy and burning irritation

This stye treatment is a cream that you can get without a prescription and helps relieve burning, irritation and itching that the stye can cause. You must apply a little product inside and outside the eyelid it is important that you always wash your hands perfectly before applying this treatment in the stye.

In less than a week you should see improvements. It is important that you read the ingredients so that you know if you are allergic or have a reaction to certain components.

2. Spray to remove dirt and infection on the eyelid

This is a spray that helps keep your eyes clean, eliminates redness, irritation and inflammation of the eyelids. This stye treatment contains hypochlorous acid and used to treat other eye infections. This treatment for styes should be applied to the eyelids and not to the inside of the eyes.

An advantage of this product for styes is that it is in a glass container, so its formula remains free of bacteria and without plastics which can vary or modify its formula. It has 4.5 stars.

3. Put on a warm compress to deflate and relieve the stye

To help heal stye faster You can apply compresses to the eye, it is important that you be very careful when applying it because it must be totally clean and disinfected. This is a compress that can be attached to your head so you can give the stye minutes of heat. This will help deflate and soothe it.

It is important that this compress is only used by you, clean it before and after using it. You can apply it some 3 times a day for about 15 minutes. It is heated in the microwave making it easy to use.