If your electricity bill is very high and you have a hard time paying it, you should know that there are some tricks that you can use to spend less electricity and therefore pay less for electricity. So don’t despair, because here I explain what you can do to save money on your next electricity bills.

1. Replace traditional LED bulbs

LED bulbs are safer, last longer and help save electricity, since they consume less energy and at the same time produce more light intensity than a conventional light bulb.

Newer bulbs – such as halogen incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs), and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) – have a longer life span and use less energy than bulbs. traditional incandescents, which saves you on electricity bills, ”explains the Federal Trade Commission.

In Amazon you can buy led bulbs of different sizes, colors and types to save energy. For example, the company General Electric sells a pack of 8 60-watt LED bulbs for $ 17.19. As General Electric indicates, each bulb can help you save $ 84 on your electric bill. Also if you use these bulbs for a maximum of three hours they could last more than 10 years.

2. Turn off all appliances that consume energy when you are not using them

Another effective way to save energy is to turn off all the appliances you are not using. Since some equipment, even when they are off or at rest, continue to obtain energy.

The socket adapters They can help you save energy, since when you are not using an electric enser you can press the power button of the adapter, to make sure that it is not wasting energy.

3. Reduce the use of the dryer, oven and dishwasher

You should reduce the use of the dryer, oven and dishwasher, since these items use up a lot of energy. Because of this, you should try to obtain appliances that are efficient in the use of energy. Products that have the seal Energy star they meet the energy efficiency requirements established by the United States Department of Energy.

For example, the fridge is one of the most energy-consuming appliances in the home, since it should always stay on. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a refrigerator, you should consider buying one that is Energy Star rated, so you can save energy.