During menopause, sleeping well can be impossible. It can be due to hot flashes, sweating or simply stress that does not leave you al Valerian is a plant that helps you sleep better, relieves stress, spasms, stomach pain, calms anxiety symptoms and helps to have a balanced state of mind.

1. Zhou Nutrition: sleep better without causing addiction

There is nothing better than excellent sleep without waking up in the middle of the night. This supplement has valerian, melatonin, chamomile, among others. Does not cause addiction and helps you to fall asleep peacefully. Valerian helps you to focus better and relaxes muscles.

It only takes one capsule 30 minutes before sleep. Remember that caffeine consumption is not recommended at menopause. This damages your hours of sleep.

2. Gaia herbs: relieves tension, anxiety and insomnia

Valerian consumption helps you sleep better. If you have hot flashes or have a lot of stress, Valerian relaxes and controls stress levels. It helps a lot if you are going through tension or anxiety, this plant controls the symptoms. You can consume it in the afternoon, but it will make you sleep almost immediately.

This package contains 60 capsules that will help you at least 2 months. It is a product that does not cause addiction so you will not feel anguish when not taking it a few nights.

3. HealthVape: valerian and chamomile that will make you sleep through the night

After a long day full of activities, nothing better than sleeping through the night without waking up every 2 hours. Valerian and chamomile they are natural pain relievers that promote sleep, relieve anxiety and stress symptoms. You just need to inhale and voila. It is very easy to transport in case you are on vacation.

Contains essential oils so not abrasive or irritating. You can use it before an hour or 30 minutes before you go to bed. Choose to relax and not use your cell phone or tablet at night, so that your body can fall asleep faster.