A good fragrance is our best cover letter. A suitable fragrance at the right time can make us stand out from the crowd, mark our presence and captivate anyone who passes by us; and when it comes to captivating, the fragrances of the distinguished house Versace they are the best to seduce and conquer. That is why this time we show you the best options for Versace perfumes what can you get in Amazon to seduce any man in your path.

1. Versace: Crystal Noir

This sophisticated perfume was designed as a luxury and high fashion accessory. Combine notes from gardenia and amber for an exclusive and feminine essence.

It is ideal for use in a appointment or night out, since its intense fragrance will leave a trail in your wake that will capture all eyes and attention.

2. Versace: Bright crystal

Versace Bright Crystal fragrance comes in a 1.7 oz presentation and with a spray mist. It is a delicate yet striking blend of soft, floral and feminine notes of Long duration.

The best way to apply a perfume is on the pulse points of the body, such as the neck, chest and wrists. In this way you can ensure a long stay of the fragrance and always give a sophisticated touch with your presence.

3. Versace: Yellow Diamond

This sophisticated fragrance was launched by Versace in 2011, and is a delightful blend of floral and fruit tones such as lemon, bergamot, pear, fressia, water lilies, amber, and musk.

It is an intense and powerful perfume that will make you stand out anywhere. It is ideal for use during the day and on casual occasions. Remember that no matter the time or the occasion, a good perfume is always necessary.