The world of technology presents new equipment and products every day that seek to improve the quality of audiovisual experience. One of the creations that has been most successful over time has been that of virtual reality, allowing you to delve into your favorite movies and games and enjoy them to the fullest. This time we show you the best options for virtual reality glasses that you can use with your electronic devices and thus enjoy like never before.

1. Canbor: virtual reality glasses with remote control

Optical lenses aspherical High quality PMMA, which guarantee a high definition visual image with anti-radiation and anti-blue function. Likewise, these VR glasses have a wide viewing angle of 120 °. Comfortable and breathable design.

Pupil distance (PD) and distance of focus (FD) are easily adjustable. With these glasses you can enjoy optimum image resolution quality and broad compatibility with most phones iPhone Y Android.

2. VR SHINECON: viewfinder + virtual reality headsets

Viewfinder technological + virtual reality headsets. It has an improved HD 42mm aspheric resin optical lens compared to other VRs and 8 layers of blue nano coating. Likewise, the headphones provide crisp sound.

These glasses stand out for their design ergonomic and high image quality they offer. They present a visual angle between 100 and 110 degrees, which contributes to enjoy an immersive visual experience with high definition photos.

3. Osloon: 3D VR glasses for gaming

Glasses VR that provide incredible visual fidelity and a feeling of immersion. In turn, they feature a focal adjustment lens for both eyes and an ultra-light design, which reduces pressure on the ears of the headphones.

If you want some glasses VR with high quality headphones so that your gaming experience exceeds your expectations as a player, this model is ideal for you. The screen is enlarged 5.2 times more than with normal lenses, which ensures a high resolution panorama.